For us at GDPA, providing you a conference platform you can rely on is the most important thing. That means, amongst other things, we are very mindful of the security and privacy aspects that affect our users.

Security and privacy are very broad topics so we are going to try and go through some practical use cases to demonstrate what’s at play.

Fully secure you say… What does this mean exactly?

In many respects meetings are simply private by design.

To begin with, all meeting rooms are ephemeral: they only exist while the meeting is actually taking place.

They get created when the first participant joins and they are destroyed when the last one leaves. If someone joins the same room again, a brand new meeting is created with the same name and there is no connection to any previous meeting that might have been held with the same name.

This is all very important. Some of the systems that let people “pre-create” rooms, have subtle indications that let a potential attacker distinguish reserved from unreserved meetings which then makes the reserved meetings easier to identify and target.

That said, since a name is all that one needs to actually access a room, we have to be really careful about how we choose them. We don’t want others accidentally stumbling into your meetings, just as we want to keep pranksters and snoopers away. Therefore you simply create a unique name for your conference or use our random code generator below. Once created, it’s what you will share with the people you want to participate.

If you start a meeting with the name “Test”, “Demo” or “Family” for example, chances of having some random uninvited people joining are very, very high. How does one pick a good room name then? Our random meeting name generator below is a great start. It offers names that are easy to remember and read out loud on a phone call, and come from a set of over a trillion possible combinations. Picking out one of the auto-generated names is therefore quite safe.

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